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I need to flex my creative muscles for fear losing them if I don't use them and I discovered my website has a blog feature built here we are.

I always get a creative itch this time of year. I think it's left over from the excitement we used to feel when preparing for a new school year.

The fresh pencils and pens, folders and notebooks.

A blank agenda book that I swore I wouldn't ruin by doodling all over the cover, knowing full well that by mid-October the random circles and that one flower I know how to draw will have filled the margins like unkept weeds.

It was the "blank slate" feeling that would get me filled with the excitement of the possibilities that the upcoming school year would hold. And apparently 6 years out of college later, this feeling still has not escaped me.

But this year it feels less like excitement and more like an ache.

A combination of fear for whats to come and a mourning for what could have been, we stand at the threshold of a season we have never seen before.

The human body has three responses to a stressful situation, fight.....flight....or freeze.

And my creative brain is absolutely frozen.

So, how does one overcome COVID creative block?

I'm going to need to push myself to do something that is uncomfortable.

I'm going to have to push myself to do things that scare me.

I'm going to need to ask for help.

(That's where you come in.)

If you've made it this far in reading my rambling-- congrats and thank you.

If you found yourself going "oh yea, me too" when reading this-- you're not alone.

We need each other now more than ever and just because we need to be spatially distant does not mean we need to be socially isolated.

I was once taught to end a persuasive essay with a call to action so I guess this should be where I convince you to reach out to me if you want to collaborate.

If you want to schedule a spatially distant photo session because you:

  • have a new fur-baby you'd like to document because you decided to adopt one during COVID.

  • want a new Tinder/Hinge photo because dating during COVID is hard

  • want a new Linkedin photo because job hunting during COVID is hard

  • picked up a new hobby you want to showcase because COVID has been hard

  • or if you just need an excuse to put on something other than sweatpants, do your hair and feel good about yourself because COVID is hard.

Please just reach out. No idea is dumb or too small.

Let's help each other overcome our COVID creative blocks.

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